Electric Relaxation Neck Massager

  • $15.95
  • $24.99


The Electric Max Relaxation Neck Massager is a snap on neck massaging wrap device. It has over 500 different combination settings so is ideal for the user that enjoys that level of control and doesn’t mind experimenting with different massage, vibration and heat settings. The Electric Max Relaxation Neck Massager also offers magnetic field therapy and has a pulse option (offering functionality like a TENS unit). If you want something you can wear around the house day to day, then the Electric Max Relaxation Neck Massager is a strong option to help you relieve muscle tension in your neck.


  • Smart appearance design which according to Human Engineering, it is conform to the neck curve
  • Adopted with the newest 3D intelligence fitting technology, easy to adjust according to the curve of the neck and more comfortable to use
  • Low frequency electric pulse, magnetic effect, ring tracking 3-in-1 synchronization therapy to form an effective energy field
  • 3 types of automatic combination therapy, 3 types of manual therapy, meet different needs
  • The built-in multiple health magnet, endocrine regulation for human accupoint magnetic therapy, improve microcirculaiton
  • LED display operation, simple, clear and convenient