About Us

We Can Relate

Our team has firsthand experience facing some of the health and well-being related problems our online store aims to resolve.

Our Founders

We are currently practicing Registered Nurses passionate about helping others find a way to look and feel their best.  Working in the hospital setting finally reaching the point of working in the ICU, we've noticed some commonalities with our patients: individuals don't realize how much power they have at feeling healthy both on the inside and out. 

We want to find a way empower you, our customers, to take hold of your own health. This is why we decided to pursue higher levels of education.  We are a team which consists of your future MSN level Nurse Educator and Nurse Practitioner.  

We Are a Team

We are constantly looking for ways to help you become a better version of yourself.  By researching products and viable feedback, we can find the most innovative products at reasonable prices.


We are extremely personable people and want to make sure you have a great shopping experience with us.  You can visit our "Contact Us" page or via email: